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 I have been following the Occult from a young age. I was raised with a Christian background but knew from a young age that I was on the wrong path where Religion is concerned. I now follow the left hand path and like to be my own leader who chooses to follow what feels right for myself under no ones else's rules or propaganda thrown in my face. Yes I'm sure we have all come across from that time to time in our life's. But it's up to ourselves if we choose to become our own boss and its up to us which beliefs we choose to follow. I started to work more with Magick over 11 years ago and I've followed different routes of Magick like Wicca, Candle Magick, Chaos and many other kinds of Magick until I felt like I was finally following the correct one for me. Working with Psionics and Spirits is like a 2nd nature to me, its basically what I do in life. I like to give my customers the tools and information they need to help them gain real insight into their lives in order to change their lives. Many people are curious about magick and spirits while I believe spirit communication is a good thing and magick can help us out in many different aspects of our life's when we need it the most.


Quantum Magick can be rightly regarded as a subset of Chaos Magick. Like its progenitor, the system is anti-dogmatic, result-oriented, and free-form. The system employs techniques of magick proposed by such authors as Spare, Carroll, Hine, Morrison, and Pesce, alongside of mathematical and scientific theories proposed by Dirac, Lorenz, Heisenberg, Bohr, and Mandelbrot.

Consciousness is an inseparable aspect of this underlying reality. If hidden variables exist, we are the hidden variables. The non-local underlying wave patterns beneath manifestations of matter and energy that we hold in common with our surroundings allow us to influence reality and to obtain information about it. This underlying interconnecting pattern is the very stuff of consciousness and manifests, not only as matter & energy, but also as psychokinesis, precognition and other phenomenon that are only now beginning to be recognized and embraced by some theories of modern physics.

The ethics of magic is tied in to the mechanics of magic. To transmit a psychic signal, you must resonate it in your own mind. One's mind creates the original edition of the effect one wishes to produce in the target. If the target is receptive to your signal and linked to your mind, a copy of the signal resonating in your mind may resonate at the target, and be transmitted. You are left with the original edition.

Generally, only a fraction of the signal resonating in one's own mind is transmitted. The rest remains with the person generating it and with the associated media involved in transmission. To magically hex another person is to hex oneself. To do manipulative magic on another person is to perform similar manipulation on oneself. To perform unrequested magic on another may result in unwanted magical effects on oneself.

Rituals such as casting a magic circle and calling quarters, invoking elements and deities to initiate a magical state of mind, and grounding after work is done and thanking and dismissing the powers invoked to end this state of mind keep magical and rational states of mind separate. When not actively performing magic, the magician's consciousness should link with what is occurring and with that which has occurred in ordinary reality, and the magician should be able to function in harmony with nature and with one's surroundings.


Spirit Vessels are items like rings, charms, crystals and other physical items what have spirits binded to them. Even humans have spirits binded to them if they wish to do so. By binding spirits it gives them a chance, new home, to share theirs life's with someone. There's 100s and 100s of so many spirits, entities and astral beams out there what we don't know enough about. I would be here forever if I had to tell you about every single one. They can help our life's improve on many levels, they communicate to us in their own ways.

If you are interested in buying a spirited vessel from me. Then check out my web store page to see which ones I have available.

I personally prefer to bind them to items like crystals charms so that the person who carries the vessel with them, can choose when and  to remove the vessel away from their aura field or may prefer to have them with them all the time. Its entirely up to the person who owns the vessel. The ones I will be selling on my web store page will be binded to crystal charms  which are Hexagonal Pointed Healing Pendants or Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Rose Quartz Clusters Pendants. If there is a certain one you are after, then please do ask before making purchase. They come with their own neckless cords and a charging bag for the vessel too. I also do direct spirit bindings as well, so if you prefer the spirit to be binding directly to yourself instead of a vessel. Then let me know.

Below are a pictures of the types of charms I used to bind spirits to which then become as Spirit Vessels.



Psionics/psychic powers are the ability of using the mind to induce paranormal phenomena. It is present to various degrees in various species.

Psionics is used for Astral Travel, Astral Manipulation, Mind Control, Mind Tapping, Psychometrics, Telekinesis, Healing, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Hypnosis, Mental Projection, Psychic Shield, Remote Viewing  etc..... The list goes on.  

By concentrating fully on the power  you can receive full sensory input as interpreted by the mind of the person or subject, though it or the person still can’t telepathically communicate with you. You can actually see through the subject’s eyes, so it’s not as good as being there yourself, but you still get a good idea of what’s going on.


The psionic device known as the Black Box or Radionics Box connects a purely mental function which we call ESP, with an image on a photographic plate

By tuning to these frequencies with a very sensitive electronic device they can, not only be received, but also modified or modulated  and re-transmitted, very much like an ordinary radio station. It means imposing human thought, which also has it's own frequency, into the very atomic true-structure of matter, exposing all the secrets locked within each molecule. Whatever we can do within our own bodies can also be done to others with these electronic machines even at a distance!"


Psionics tends to be used a lot in Magick this day and age. I find when it comes to using magick with Psionics I don't tend to feel drained or depleted like most empath's or healer's would do.

Ritual magic is always just as good except ritual magick  requires some sort of physical action. This can be as simple as saying a word or phrase that announces your intent or waving your hand, or something very complex that can take multiple people hours to perform and can require days, weeks, months, and even years of prep time. The opposite of ritual magic is psionic magic, which is magic that is performed without any physical action, in other words entirely through the power of ones mind.

Of course there are a lot of advantages to psionic magic. It’s very fast. It requires zero preparation time. This also makes it very versatile. It also makes it very efficient. Plus you’ll save money on tools. So why would anyone prefer ritual magic? There are actually a lot of reasons to use ritual magic, and the exact reasons are going to be a bit dependent on the practitioner and what their focus is.

Quantum mechanics is  the natural history of matter and energy making their way through space and time. Classical mechanics does much the same, but, while classical mechanics is very accurate when describing most of what we see (sand, baseballs, planets), its descriptions of matter at a smaller scale are simply wrong. At a fine enough resolution, all those reliable rules about balls on inclined planes start to fail.

The truth is that science is far stranger than science fiction - and the universe we find ourselves in is weirder than anything we could possibly have invented.

Nothing underscores this more than quantum theory and relativity, the twin pillars of 21st-century science. Relativity has revealed the bizarre world of black holes and told us that the universe had a beginning.

Quantum theory has made the modern world possible, giving us lasers and computers and iPod nanos, not to mention explaining how the sun shines and why the ground is solid.


Spirits are involved with creation, birth and every aspect of life. We all have our own spirit guides, they journey life with us, teach us things, protect us, inspire us and sometimes scare us. Consider death. Where do we go? Myths about death lacking spirits are about as common as creation stories without them. Every heaven, hell or other traditional realm of death is populated and supervised by spirits.

Images of spirits surround us. They are everywhere. Cemeteries are filled with images of people who has passed on to the afterlife realms, Mermaids grace the labels of products like Tuna, Wine and Starbucks Coffee. Egyptian mummy cases in museums are covered with pictures of spirits. The symbols indicating Mars and Venus ( male and female ) now frequently serving as a universal code for men's and woman's restrooms. Celtic or fantastic beings such as dragons, griffins are widely spread interpreted as portraits of the sacred. Gift stores are filled with Fairies, pixies and Buddha's. On a popular level vampires, ghosts, demons and extra terrestrials are always on TV shows. Pokémon characters are based on ancient Japanese Spirits. Spirits have travelled with humans from our earliest days. Spirits create the universe.


What more could you want from spirits? You may need more money, prosperity, a better job, a home. You may seek a cure for an ailment that defies conventional solutions, protection from negative people, evil spirits, bad influences or eviction. Maybe there's a spirit who fascinates you and enthrals you ( Lilith, Kali, Ganesh ) Name your desire, secret hope, wish or fear. A spirit exists who can fulfil and make your dreams come true. Working with spirits is not exactly like rubbing a magic lamp and finding a Genie trapped inside even though I'm sure you have watched Aladdin on TV who had his dreams come true before. The real name for Genie spirits would be called a Djinn in which many different types do exist for different things. Some may find my statements shocking, ludicrous, laughable or know I am being deadly serious. Spirits are world traveller's. They mingle among us everywhere. They travel with people to all places where other local spirits await. People like myself and others who work with spirits don't consider themselves "believers"  they  know their own experiences with spirits to be valid and true. Others will have no experience or may never believe spirits are real.


Working with spirits helps us fulfil our dreams, save us when we are in trouble and provide healing when conventional medicine throws in the towel. Spirits are powerful, independent entities who resist human efforts to define them. All spirits have their our specific names, personalities and responsibilities. They possess their own rules, but generally those rules have existed for thousands of years. Yes there are spirits who are prone to violence, evil or tricksters in which I do not work with. Spirits are generally invisible although many can make themselves visible when they choose. They tend to show themselves to people in dreams, but sometimes people do see spirits while there awake. Some people possess the power ( like myself ) to consistently see spirits even when others cant. Some cultures and traditions perceive this power as a sacred gift. Other cultures including religions perceive this ability as dangerous, scary, a mark of Satan, hence a sign of mental illness especially if living among those who fear, despise, deny and especially if lacking the knowledge to control this power.

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