Frequently Asked Questions

Do Spells really work?

Whether you call it Magic or Magick. Magick indeed is very real and has existed far longer then we have. It's a Divine and Ancient Science which does WORK!

Is your Magick Guaranteed to work 100% ?

No spell can guarantee a specific 100% result because this is not the way magick works just like a Lawyer can't 100% guarantee their client that everything will go their way. Think about it! Spell work to be potent and powerful requires honesty and truthfulness from both sides. Magick is extremely powerful and for it to work you MUST respect it and have faith it will work. If you are impatient, have doubt that the magick won't work  then do not expect anything. There is no set time frame for a spell to work but I do urge you to check out my testimonial page. Quantum Physics has revolution the scientific and its applications. Modern quantum physicists are re-discovering wisdom that had already been around during the time of our ancient ancestors with things like non locality which allows for the possibility of influencing something through its link. 

How long with it take till I see the results of my spell working?

Results can manifest in a day, a week, a year or even longer. I tend to work my 100% my best with all of my customers. However there are times when it may take longer depending. All results in spells or working with spirits to manifest what you want will take as long as they need whether it a day, a week or even longer.

Can I ask for a refund if my spell doesn't work?

Once I have cast a spell and use supplies I tend to use in my work and the spirits have been called upon to cast your spell a refund cannot be given.

Why collect Spirits?

There are many reasons why many choose to collect spirits. Spirits can provide you with many abilities by teaching you different skills, techniques  of their own besides providing their own friendship and support towards you. Every race of spirit has their strengths and powers they are willing to share with their keepers whether it's prosperity, success, protection, love, happiness, increase your psychic abilities and much more.

Will my Spirits ever harm or possess me?

No they are a spirit, not a living entity. The word "Spirit" is used interchangeably with the word "entity" and its caused a lot of confusion between the both parties.

Will my spirits want anything from me in return like offerings?

In this case. Yes is most likely to be the answer to this one. Most spirits I tend to work with usually prefer offerings of incense burnings every month. Not all spirits but most do. However other spirits may not be to bothered about offerings and others would prefer something different. You can say it's showing them appreciation  for the work they have done for you with whatever you have asked for.

Can I keep asking you question after question about your work and will you reply back you me?

Lately I am spending a lot of time answering questions for people who only wish to state their curiosity on how magick works and I'm also dealing with  many people who are looking for pricing deals. I appreciate customers and their genuine queries, but when people intend to ask questions merely to learn or to socialize when they have no interest in my services, I ask them to consider this...

Imagine, you're a butcher, a baker, or a secretary perhaps; you are at work and you have people constantly coming in to ask questions that lead to nothing, that prevent you from being able to do other things, or even may prevent you from getting back to your family at times. That's where I am now at.  The icing on the cake is that the Internet market is fiercely competitive, and thus I have to offer my services at prices that are significantly less than what my time is worth. Yet still there are many who ask for a better price yet than what's offered. I must say that I take offense - even more so that it takes up so much of my time to respond to this.  So here's another parallelism to make my point clear: imagine you go to work each day, and each day your boss or co-workers, or clients you deal with  bother you for a cut of your wages. It doesn't feel very nice! That's your livelihood. You are going to say NO. It's how you put food on the table and feed your children. I am no different just because my work is performed utilizing the Internet as a platform; so please, may we cast that illusion aside right now.

I have seen your personal Facebook Profile. Can I send you a friends request?

I mention this because I have had so many people over the last few months sending me a friends request to ask me questions about my website. My personal Facebook page has nothing to do with my work. I will only accept friends request from people I know and if I don't know you and you wish to speak you me on my personal page about my website then your request will be declined. However, you can speak to me on my Facebook Quantum Magick Page which is on the link below. https://www.facebook.com/Thequantummagickshop212/

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