The owner of this Website is a good friend of mine called Sean Redmond.  He works in the area of healing on people as an Advanced Mace Energy Method Practitioner. Sean has used his professional techniques on me in the past and I found them very useful as they helped me to improve different areas of my life. Liz is an animal/pet communicator. Yes that's right! Liz has a gift where she can talk to all animals and pets on a psychic, spiritual level whether they're alive or in spirit or missing. I have lost count of how many pet readings I have had from Liz. But her readings have always been 100% spot on. There have been occasions where I may think one of my own pets is trying to tell me something and that's when I have purchased one of Liz's readings. If you're a pet lover and would like a message from your own pets whether alive, missing or in spirit. Always go to Liz as you will never be dissapointed. Baal Kadmon is another occultist and tends to sell many of his own books online. I have read quite a number of them and found them very useful. My favourite I read has to be The Quantum Magician: Enhancing your life with a Parallel Life. Magus is a good friend of mine who designs and builds the best custom Psionics and Radionics Devices. If your after purchasing one of your own, then look no further. I would give this seller 5 stars!!

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