Shadowfyre Sigil Emporium

Shadowfyre Sigil Emporium

Hello to those looking into this page, I am Andrew Kincaid or Enka Shadowfyre. I have been a practitioner for over thirteen years now with path working involving Alchemy, Chaos Magick, Baneful Magick, as well as other facets of magick as a whole. 

Do you need a customized curse or benevolent sigil made? I can fulfil this aspect! My custom sigils deal with abstract artwork as well as custom glyphs that separate me from the works of King Solomon and Austin Osman Spare. I dedicate myself to creating versatile sigilizations for the regular joe and up to the experienced practitioner alike, willing to use these customized pieces. If this excites you, please drop an email and receive a consultation with me so we may begin our relationship together and give your life the boost you search for. For contacting me, please send an email to: with the subject, "SSE" for prompt response.

Every message that is sent to me will be saved and recorded on multiple formats for any lawsuit cases against the business of Shadowfyre Sigil Emporium to showcase the wanting of the product and the purchase as well as your IP Address for records.

All of my Sigils cost $5 for 1 or $10 for 3

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